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Kevin Murphy FREE.HOLD

Kevin Murphy


Medium hold styling creme

A flexible hold styling crème with a natural shine. Contains essences of Bergamot and Vanilla, suitable for all hair types.

How to Apply: Apply to damp or dry hair.

Benefits: Paraben Free, Medium Hold, Adds Natural Shine, Thickening effect on the hair, Glossy Finish, Lubricates the hair and scalp


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Lanolin Wax Lubricates the hair and scalp to give a soft, Lanolin Wax smooth appearance. Carnuba Wax Thickening effect and provides a glossy finish. Yerba Mate Yerba Mate originates from South America. It’s rich in anti oxidants, amino acids and vitamins. When vitamins are placed on to the outer surface of the hair, they add shine and thickness. Amino Acids are the building blocks of repair and will provide strength.


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